Pneumatica – by Squonk Opera

//Pneumatica – by Squonk Opera

Pneumatica – by Squonk Opera

Pneumatica -by Squonk Opera

Wheeling Arts Fest

June 21st – 1pm, 3pm, 6pm

Squonk’s new outdoor work, “Pneumatica,” is made of air, powered by air, and about air. The Squonk-Conceptperformances will awaken social connections into joyful wind-powered emergent air spectacles. It will push physics and civic interdependency into tangibility, with wind powered turbines, tentacles and a whirl of inflatables.

The group just returned from a busy winter playing Manhattan, where the New York Times called them a “multimedia troupe of infinite jest” with “images of strange and startling beauty…”

Broadway World said Squonk is “an eclectic mix of styles, sounds and talents that cannot do anything but amaze those who bear witness to one of the most unique shows New York has ever seen.”

This project takes theater out of the theater using novel elements of street theater, pop-up art installation and solstice celebration. Squonk will hoot and whisper, bellow and caress, using the very medium of sound: air. It will take audience participation to new levels and expand science demonstration to include the audience – morphing from street music theater to emergent social game. It is a free public work that embraces new materials and technologies and a new sense of crowd-sourced dynamics and multi-sensory theater, responding to site, weather, audience and neighborhood.

Squonk has performed their all-original multimedia spectacles on 3 continents, in over 25 of the United States, on Broadway and Off and even as part of the Top 48 on America’s Got Talent. Our work has been called “ingenious, hallucinatory and hypnotic” by The New York Times, “surreal and poetic” by USA Today and “Debussy meets Godzilla” by the Washington Post, although the Squonkers suspect that last one may have been an insult.




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