Cello Fury playing at the Wheeling Arts Fest

//Cello Fury playing at the Wheeling Arts Fest

Cello Fury playing at the Wheeling Arts Fest


Don’t miss out on the cello rock group, Cello Fury on June 21st 1t 12:15pm and 5:00pm at the fourth annual Wheeling Arts Fest.  They will be performing emotive and symphonic sounds of the cello with driving rock beats that create a cinematic, progressive rock sound.

A rarity in the music world, Cello Fury appeals to a diverse audience throughout the United States and abroad, performing in venues ranging from concert halls to rock clubs. Continually developing their own unique style of cello rock music, cellists Simon Cummings, Ben Muñoz and Cello_Fury_headshots_textNicole Myers along with drummer David Throckmorton unleash vitality and rhythmic drive in their music and dare to venture past classical expectations. Cello Fury has performed on radio and television, in rock clubs, concert halls, and music festivals such as SXSW, performing for audiences as large as 67,000 and touring throughout 25 states and abroad. As an independent band, Cello Fury has released two albums of original music, “Cello Fury” and “Symphony of Shadows” and performs over a hundred live shows each year. Cello Fury has collaborated with other musicians and artists across genres, ranging from dance, theater, opera and orchestra as well as with rock bands and singer-songwriters.


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