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Centre Market Meter Mural Project


Program Rules & Regulations

  • Meter Design: Meter must be thoroughly cleaned by artist prior to paint application; meter must NOT be sanded. A primer must be used. Rustoleum (or similar brand) Enhanced Exterior Enamel Paint-Oil Based. Artist must apply a finishing varnish to ensure lifespan longevity.
  • Meter painting may ONLY occur when meters are not in effect. Work times are August 4 after 5PM through August 14th.. Please remember that your meter must be primed and to allow time for the primer to dry.
  • Meters numbers will be assigned to artists via City of Wheeling Arts & Cultural Commission at random unless a sponsored meter is assigned.
  • Open to amateur artists and professional artists ages 18+.
  • The meters are public artwork; please take necessary efforts to ensure lifespan of the meter artwork, expected lifespan of artwork is 5-10 years.
  • Artist will adhere to the spirit of the sketch and description of their meter design that was approved by the Commission. We understand that changes may need to be done to accommodate shape of the meter.
  • Meter design is limited to use of just the oil-based enamel paint; meter may not be adorned with any additional medium or three dimensional material. Up to a $25 stipend will be allowed for paint and supplies. This will be reimbursed once a receipt(s) with name and address attached are supplied.



  • Artist will not depict any language or images that could be construed as offensive, lurid or obscene.
  • Artist will not depict material construed as political or religious in connotation.
  • Parking Meter design may not include any type of merchant name, merchant advertisement, or product endorsement. However, sponsored meters may include a theme geared toward the sponsor. Ex. Grapes or wine bottle in front of a wine shop.
  • Meter design may not conflict with the uniform blue design of the handicap meters, so as not to cause confusion.
  • Coin slot and meter window must not be painted over.   They must remain in plain view for Parking Officials.   To avoid risk of accidental painting, masking tape is suggested to cover the coin slot and window while painting; however this must be removed upon project completion or at any time the meter is not being painted upon. The City of Wheeling reserves the right to paint over any meter or deny participation in the program if found artist was not in compliance with the rules and regulations.