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Kid’s Activities

Express Yourself! The purpose of this FREE arts initiative is to promote children’s art and exploration of the arts within the community at the Wheeling Arts & Culture Fest.

By connecting art and art education through workshops during the festival, students will begin to appreciate the professional artists that will be exhibiting during the festival.  Children will connect arts making to professional art works and performing

Through a series of scheduled workshops students will have the opportunity to be engaged in hands-on sessions where students can explore, express and appreciate meaningful art making taught by professional artists and arts educators in individual and collaborative format.

Whether taking part in a class or being a part of a community collaborative piece, one thing is for sure… students will be having fun while learning.

Musical Instruments from Around the World

Experience first- hand over 50 instruments from around the world, from percussion to strings.

Around the World Carnival

The Around the World Carnival features 7 carnival games that derive from different parts of the world and have a cultural twist. What we call Corn-Hole, originates from Otedama, Japanese bean bag toss. Simbii is an Oriental button toss. Try your hand at Ice Fishing, Peteca, Toli, and Boomerang Toss. Fun for all ages.

Free Kids’ Art Classes

Friday, June 15


Saturday, June 16


Giant Whiteboard

Saturday and Sunday. Community Art! Add to this public canvas!