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Kid’s Activities

Express Yourself! The purpose of this FREE arts initiative is to promote children’s art and exploration of the arts within the community at the Wheeling Arts & Culture Fest.

By connecting art and art education through workshops during the festival, students will begin to appreciate the professional artists that will be exhibiting during the festival.  Children will connect arts making to professional art works and performing

Through a series of scheduled workshops students will have the opportunity to be engaged in hands-on sessions where students can explore, express and appreciate meaningful art making taught by professional artists and arts educators in individual and collaborative format.

Whether taking part in a class or being a part of a community collaborative piece, one thing is for sure… students will be having fun while learning.

Musical Instruments from Around the World

Experience first- hand over 50 instruments from around the world, from percussion to strings.

Around the World Carnival

The Around the World Carnival features 7 carnival games that derive from different parts of the world and have a cultural twist. What we call Corn-Hole, originates from Otedama, Japanese bean bag toss. Simbii is an Oriental button toss. Try your hand at Ice Fishing, Peteca, Toli, and Boomerang Toss. Fun for all ages.

Cirque du Papier – Friday, June 16 11am-5pm ONLY

Interactive strolling origami and visual artist, Michael Roy Baldridge and his nimble fingers will be appearing at Wheeling Arts Fest on Friday, June 16 from 11am-5pm. He brings origami into the new millennium, combining classic Japanese style origami with the latest in high tech folding; transforming single, flat squares of paper into 3D forms of animals, flowers, sea life, birds, and decorative objects. Michael Roy’s repertoire of intricate and elegant sculptures includes some of the best origami from the imaginative minds of contemporary engineers, scientists, and artists. One sheet of paper. No cuts. No tears. No glue. With dexterity, quick wit, and knowledge of origami history and technique, he will share the technology and art that is ori-gami. And you could go home with a cherished keepsake.

Free Kids’ Art Classes

Friday, June 16

Time Teacher Class
 1PM Kelci Crawford  How to Make a Mini- Comic! –  In this workshop, kids of all ages will learn how to make an 8-page comic book out of a single sheet of paper. Paper, scissors, and drawing tools are included – just bring your stories!
 2PM Valerie Reed  Bike Part Jewelry – This workshop is a hands-on hour for kids to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets or more with bicycle parts – cable mounts, cogs, chain rings, bushings, and links, as well as spokes, tubes, and cables. Join us to create an upcycled, wearable work of art!
 3PM Lynne Kropinak  Polymer Clay Pins – Students will form a rock like shape with polymer clay and then press bits of fern and metal dragonflys, trilobites and shells into the clay. After the clay is baked the children’s can paint their faux fossil and turn it into a necklace.
 4PM  RJ Canter  Spin Art – How cool is spin art? Wait, you’ve never done spin art?!? We are going to use motion to create vibrant and interesting patters on various canvases.
 5PM Jes Reger  Pulled String Art – 3+ Children will create unique prints with string and paint. No two prints will be the same!
 6PM Jes Reger  Print Making – 5+ Children will make neat prints using craft foam, bubble wrap, and other found objects!

Saturday, June 17

Time Teacher Class
 12PM Jes Reger Tangrams – 3+ Children will make animals using geometric shapes.
1PM Bianca Benson Painting with Tissue Paper – Learn how to blend water and tissue paper for colorful effects. Tissue paper bleeds when sprayed with water, and this basic technique will be demonstrated in this class. A variety of tissue paper colors can be used for a rainbow-effect. This is super-fun, simple, and quick to make!
2PM Dana Bell Super Secret Picture Necklaces – Kids! Come and discover the magic of light! Using old film slides, we will create a necklace that contains a picture that can only be seen when held up to the light. Ages 3 and up will make a necklace using yarn, beads, and a slide
3PM Lynn Kropinak Polymer Clay Pins – Students will form a rock like shape with polymer clay and then press bits of fern and metal dragonflys, trilobites and shells into the clay. After the clay is baked the children’s can paint their faux fossil and turn it into a necklace.
4PM Carri Perani Welch Friendship Bracelets – Learn how to make colorful friendship bracelets for you & your friends by tying simple knots with multiple strings. It\’s a fun craft you can take with you anywhere you go to keep yourself busy & creative!
 5PM RJ Canter Watercolor Markers – We will first create simple marker drawings then we will alter them to make them appear as they were painted with watercolor paints.
 6PM Chris Villamagna & Cheryl Harshman No-Sew Felt Animal Mask – Create beautiful felt animal masks.

Giant Whiteboard

Saturday and Sunday. Community Art! Add to this public canvas!